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Looks like a lot of fun. Erm... you know some-one will ask this - did you eat any haggis?
Thanks for sharing your photos - this is just what I was in the mood for.


I passed over the haggis, Catez, in favor of the pasties, dipped in HP Sauce, (which we can't normally get locally). Very good, though not quite as good as Mum's. I must also admit to a couple glasses of that Robert the Bruce beer. Good stuff.


HP sauce!!! I looove HP sauce. We have it here in all the supermarkets. We have pasties too but I'm more of a pie girl myself. Goodness - you are the first blogger I have come across who knows what HP sauce is. A kindred spirit methinks.


Come to the McHenry Highland Festival games at Deep Creek Lake next weekend and you'll see my girls Highland Dancing (and hopefully taking home a few medals)! And we'd love to see you and those two favorite guys of yours -- it's been a long time! Hmm, I think #2 wasn't even born yet. Warning: there will be *horrors and shudders* girls in kilts. I'm afraid it's required for the dancers -- and it's a lot more modest than the costumes you'll find at just about any other dance venue!

Mark Keeney

Your Renaissance Man is actually wearing a Utilikilt ( It is actually a canvas duck. Kinda like carhardt clothing. It is called a Workmans Kilt.

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