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Why? because this has NEVER been about helping people. This is all about the liberals' main agenda: socialism. This can only happen once such silly things such as "personal responsibility" are done away with, and the main weapon they have against such responsibility since welfare reform is abortion. To help secure that, they must erode a respect for human life, and how better to do that than promise miracle cures in the form of embryonic stem cells?

Phil S

Very good question indeed! It is a sad thing when politics cloud something as important as this.


There must be a respect for human mankind in all of the research being done. Has everyone failed to notice that when scientist do the stem cell research, even by combining the sperm and egg in the petri dish, they dont let it get past the stage of an embryo. Still there can be conflict on when that sperm and egg begin their "life" has it ever been proven when there are certain characteristics about one cell over another, when they begin to differ? i say this other than the DNA that everyone knows is different for every human being. The benefits outway all of the "what ifs" and yes, i say what if's because all of the people against abortion themselves dont have any proof to offer to the leading scientist of this research to prove it is actually killing a person. Stem cell research needs to continue so we can acheive all of its benefits and help further medicine for those terminal diseases.


Last time I checked, a cell has life. I suppose you could make the argument that it's only a vegetable til it grows a heart and brain. I guess they're killing a cucumber.

We sure are getting good at playing God. God commands us to respect "life". God is especially adamant about respecting "blood". If an embryo doesn't have blood, then I have no protest, yet.

Remember the "tanks" in the Dune series? An alien race used all women as cloning containers. Is that were we're headed?

Here's one: How about being conceived to power a bunch of machines like in The Matrix? Otherwise those people wouldn't have been born. Would some of them still want to make their own decision about it?

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