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Joseph Valencia

I'll be sure to check out Rusty Lopez's article. The funny thing is that I'm going to be taking a test on evolution next friday. What's funny is that I'll probably ace a test about something I don't entirely believe in. Oh well, that's college. Keep up the nice little blog here.


I think you're right to study evolution, especially under the teaching of someone who does believe it, as that assures you that you have received a fair presentation. You can find the other side of the story elsewhere. (Just too bad you are not free to give both sides on your test, eh? Yes, that is college!)

Scientific American did an article a few years back called "15 Answers to Creationist Nonesense." Jonathan Sarfati, of Answers in Genesis quickly shot back with, "15 Ways to Refute Materialistic Bigotry," which was a point-by-point analysis of the SciAm article. Sarfati's article, which contains the text of the SciAm article is available here: . It's a great read.

SciAm actually admitted to being embarrased by the whole thing, and even tried unsuccessfully to accuse AiG of copyright infringement for "reprinting" their article without permission. (Sarfati had included the entire text of the article, as he commented on it, in his in order to prevent charges that he took anything out of context. "Fair use" copyright laws allow this when publishing a critique of another work.)


Dory, thanks for the link to Sarfati's AIG piece. I haven't finished reading it yet, but so far it seems like an excellent piece. And I consider myself agnostic but open-minded.


fling93, I think you'll find the Answers in Genesis site very helpful if you want to explore a Creationist viewpoint. They have a firm opinion on the subject, certainly, but they are very fair. They even have a page dedicated to arguments Creationists shouldn't make because they are unfair, use bad data, poor logic, etc. I have a lot of respect for them. If you have any questions about creation or any other aspect of Christianity, feel free to email me anytime. If I can't answer your question, I'll try to find someone who can.

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