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We men are nonetheless responding to the semiotics of the clothing or lack thereof, not the square inches not covered. This is on a fairly subconscious level. That is why unreached natives in the Amazon are able to live normal, moral lives, unclothed, and why Victorian men in the East End would take bare ankles as a sign of a prostitute.

It also seems to be a fact that women are much more sensitive to the semiotics of clothing than men are. We men just respond based on what we are used to, and the state of our hearts. It is up to the women to decide what they will wear, based on their knowledge of what sends signals of being available for illicit sex, and what does not. We men have to get used to living in the world that is, and not some fanciful time in the past.

I've seen men complaining about clothing that has been normal for 60 years. I think in that case, unless they grew up in an Amish community, the problem is not the females, but their own hearts, and they (and we) have no right to bind the consciences of women with our comfort zones as if they were the laws of God. We need to get used to what is normal among women and not allow ourselves to misinterpret, which leads to (eventually) the temptation to covet another man's wife. Women should not engage in the hypocracy that is common where I live (using this as an example) of wearing bikinis at the pool or beach or boat, -unless- it is a Christian gathering, in which case they dig out the old tank suit from the bottom of the drawer. Do these women think that the bikinis are sinful? Then they should not wear them in public at all? And if they don't think they are sinful, they should not hypocritically change to something more ancient as if Christian men were more likely to seek sexual immorality with them than unsaved men. In either case, they contribute to the problem by inadvertantly communicating that bikinis are sexually immoral and tank suits are not, so that when the men and boys see women in bikinis they draw the wrong conclusions about these women and what they are communicating, on a visceral level.

So women, do not dress to advertise the availability of sex outside of marriage. Men, do not bind the consciences of women, and get used to what is normal in the time and place. Keep telling yourself that they aren't being sexually immoral by dressing that way. In so doing, you will find yourself growing comfortable and able to relate to the women as sisters and not as sex objects.

Kathleen Bigsby

I am quite frankly repulsed at these accusations about women and clothing. What next? Burquas? I'm sure the Christian Church would do it if they could get away with it. Thank GOD we live in the United States of America and not somewhere like Afganistan or Christian women would already be in Burquas!


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. If it were 2010 year ago and Jesus was physically on earth I sure would not wear shorts to the store or to hear him preach. If it wasnt ok yesterday, it's not ok today and certainly will be ok tomorrow.


I am getting so tired of seeing half naked women everywhere, in magazines, in real life. I am so so weary of it. And when we were expecting a baby, even in the 90's, we covered up. Even swim suits were more like a dress over shorts, atleast the one I wore. And I was only at the YWCA.


I truly enjoy this website. May the Lord continue to bless you and increase your gift of writing to glorify his name.

Thank you

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