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Just wanted to let you know that I had to come back and read this again because Nicholas(18) really liked it and wanted me to be sure and read it.


You make a really interesting point about the east and west. Really interesting.


Dori, I've been struggling with the need to forgive someone all weekend, now I read this... What you say is so true. When we don't forgive, we're bound in bitterness. When we do, we're free from those preoccupations with self-pity and revenge to use "all the strength and talents and wisdom He has given." This posting has been an exclamation point at the end of a difficult lesson.


I like it. Saved it off to my PDA. :)
Prior to this, I always read Blake's Poison Tree to help me move past being angry with someone.

Danny C

Isn't it sometimes wrong to forgive? A friend was angry when I complimented the Amish attitude torward the killer of their children. The retort was that it's wrong to forgive the unrepentant.

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