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I homeschool. I've read this book, years ago. It's still on my shelf. I haven't re-read it in a while. I was very interested in your synopsis of the work.

Question: What other book gives a different view of reading than this one? Is there one? I mean, if we need to look at multiple viewpoints...


Another book that addresses this subject is Susan Wise Bauer's The Well-Educated Mind. I am guessing she was heavily influenced by Adler's book, but she has developed her own take on it and gives some alternative methods for accomplishing the same ends. For one thing, she also adds journaling on your reading into the mix.

Perhaps I will do a book report on this book one day, but I will have to re-read it because I didn't take very many notes (ahem) the first time I read it! (Sheepish smile)

My one caution in using books such as these is they tend to be very particular about one method to accomplish the stated goals, but the wise reader can probably vary that method to suit his or her needs. We just need to be careful that we are not losing sight of the goals.

Just as one example, Adler is very adamant that you should write in your books, and tells you how it should be done. I do write in my paperbacks and even some hardbacks, but I can't bring myself to mark up a nice well-bound copy of a classic book. In those cases I use a spiral notebook or my laptop to take notes.

Another note: Adler does not say that every book you read needs to be read this way. It's just too time consuming. The analytical reading process is reserved for those books that cover an area you are interested in studying, and that are among the best books for that topic. We can't expect to be experts in everything, eh?

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