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Great list, Dory (Newt's out in my book too). Don't forget the opening phrase "whoever desires to be." There is a strong emphasis on the pursuit of the office, not resigned to serve because no one else will. Too often church's choose men based upon their tenure in the congregation, or success in secular business. I would recommend "Biblical Edlership" by Alexander Strauch as well. So after you think you have found men who are on the path, how will you place them into office--election or appointment?


So does that mean that you would rule out a woman as a candidate for president? Not that I actually know of any right now who would be actually qualified, but just asking. Are we to take the "husband of one wife" to mean that women are forever out of the running?


Dory, good work. Came over from La Shawn's corner.

To wit, the 1st Israeli king was not of God's choicing, rather a popularity poll given Saul's physical stature. Ultimately, God had to remove him and his heirs from the throne.


Thanks for good,thoughtful comments, folks.

Oh, wrpreacher, you are trying to get this girl in trouble, aren't you??? Since you asked, however, I will answer. I have, in the past voted for some female candidates for political office, as I do not exalt the "male head of household," requirement above others, such as fearing God. I mean, let's face it, we aren't often presented with really good choices. However, ideally, I would like to see otherwise qualified, male heads of households as our candidates, rather than women or men who do not head households.

That is not to say that there are not other leadership roles available to women. It is the issue of mixed headship that I cannot resolve. That is, let's say a husband is head of a household and his wife has authority over him in the civil realm. It seems to undermine the family. What a conflict! Anything with two heads is a monster, right?

I'll just duck now to keep out of the way of those incoming tomatoes! I upset the entire nation of Finland with my "God Does Not Believe in Athiests," post. Perhaps I'll set Belgium on fire with this one? (I hope they throw cheese.)

Rod Stanton

I usually agree with LaShawn but here I differ. By the standard you are proposing we could not have elected: Clinton,LBJ,JFK, +FDR. An I have only gone over the last century! One of those philandrers was elected four times. I like Newt.

Jeremy Pierce

I wouldn't want Newt to be the Republican candidate, simply because he has no chance at winning a national election, particularly one against Hillary, whose dive for the center, whether real of faked, is going to make her very hard for anyone but a moderate Republican to beat.

I'm not sure why you're applying spiritual leadership requirements to a secular office. That just seems to me to mistake what the whole business is about and the difference in roles between offices of the church (elder, deacon) and political offices. Someone could be eminently qualified for one but not even close to qualified for the other, for any number of reasons. For that matter, qualifications for the civic positions in Israel's clearly religious government shouldn't apply to us either. We're voting for the person most likely to do good and fight against evil.


The passage in Exodus 18 is clearly about civil judges, and the qualities listed overlap quite a bit with the passages that are written specifically about ecclesiastical leaders.

Romans 13 tells us that God has appointed our civil leaders (v. 1), they have God's authority (v. 2), and they are God's ministers for our good (vv. 4, 6). I can find no Scriptural justification for considering civil leadership to be a 'secular' occupation without religious qualifications, responsibilities or implications.

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