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That is indeed profound.

"It is written" cuts to the heart of any dispute like a hot knife on butter. Any other circumstancial argument or presupposition rendered moot.

Reading your post brought a chuckle when I recall my own epiphany on the direct connection between "Es steht geschrieben" and Jesus' "it is written".

About 8 years ago, I was riding with some friends in an unfamiliar neighborhood of Berlin. Spotting our cross street, the driver made a quick dive into the left-turn lane w/o signalling. We heard athe screeching of brakes but there was no impact, so my friend proceeded with her turn.

About a block later, two cars with a bunch of youths, pulled up next to us and hollered at us to pull over as we had caused an accident. While we were trying to figure out what was going on, one of the other car's passenger called the police.

When they showed up, one cop asked two questions. "Who has damages?" and, "Where did it occur?"

One of the other drivers replied that he was rear-ended by his friend who was driving the other car, that it happened back at the intersection and that it wouldn't have happened if we used our turn-signal.

The cop turned to my friend and asked if she was hit. "No." The cop turned to the other youths and said "Es steht geschrieben..." It is written that drivers are responsible for avoiding traffic in front them. It is written that drivers involved in an accident must remain at the scene until the police arrive. He then turned back to us and said you may go.

One of the youths protested and the cop simply said that traffic violations are a matter to be witnessed and ticketed by law enforcement, they didn't witness it, end of the story.

The use of "it is written" is pretty common in German, partcularly in official dialog, but it had never hit me that way until then.

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