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Unfortunately, there are no death certficates for pre-born children. All of our children's births are recorded in my old Bible. There is also one death recorded. That is enough documentation for us.


I did a little research on this and found that the state Tabitha was born in does have a certificate of stillbirth. The definition of stillbirth carefully excludes purposeful abortions. It looks like this section of the law was changed last year, though, so there may not have been anything available for Tabitha.


Very touching.....
you are a daily read for me.


Thoughtful and moving, Dory.


Thanks, Dory.


Oh, Dory. How sad and beautiful, and even more so since I know the family of which you speak. I didn't realize they were moving away. I'm sure that also makes you sad, but they must go where God leads them.

Kristy Luhman

I lost a baby girl at 8 months and I was just looking for some advice on how to deal with everything. She was born an angle on October 10 2005. I miss her dearly and was honestly just looking for answers or someone going through the same thing. Most important to me is to get her story out there for others to hear. Her name is Allie Jo and she is missed every day. I just wanted to tell people her story. Her daddy is a U.S. Sailor that is standing proud for our country. It is just to bad that people dont stand proud to fight for babies like Allie Jo and their families that could use financial and emotional help. God Bless all of the other families that are going through the same loss as we had to and especially to those that feel like they are going threw it alone, dont worry you are not, no matter how it feels at this moment you are never alone. God gave you an angle, and sites like this. I hope things change and every baby born into this world, still or not will be looked at for who they are, not what they were not.

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