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Had to laugh at that last comment, Dory.

I sometimes do fear for my sons' future wives. I hope they aren't hopelessly naive.


That is truly an amazing post. I must also agree with Cindy. My sons are much too much like their father, God help them.

I would, however, encourage you to rethink one statement: "My husband's quiver is not full of children." God has blessed you with three children, and allowed you to keep one. He knows how many are the right number to fill your quiver. Your one son is as much a blessing as my three sons and five daughters are. I would love to hear one of my sons ask for a table to keep his Bible on. Mine are more likely to say they can't find their Bibles.

I don't mean to imply that you are ungrateful; you obviously are not. I think it is far too common for many of us in the home schooling community to think that large families are a greater blessing than small ones, or that parents of large families are more Godly.


I have always considered that Psalm to be referring to the living children (actually sons in particular, in some translations), as it links them with giving strength to the father as he, "meets his enemies in the gates of the city," which seems to be a temporal rather than eternal blessing. My point, though, was to try to communicate the special place our "golden arrow" occupies and what a special blessing he is to us.

Your point is well taken, though. I am very grateful for all our children and rarely mention that we have one without mentioning the other two who wait for us in heaven. They are indeed an eternal blessing. And as someone with only one child to raise, I am able to do many things for the church (and write a blog) that others may not have time to do. God puts us all into the place we need to be to do the work He has called us to do.

You have given me the idea to post on some of the wonderful comfort God has given me through His Word regarding those children. Lord willing, you will see it soon...

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