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Diane's questions in brackets and my answers afterwards:

1. {Is it the comment section under the post about this challenge that we
propose the debate topics? Or do we email you? Or?} You can leave a thesis in the comment section under the post about the challenge. If you'd prefer to email, I'll see it gets posted.

2. {I am assuming you are the one who decides which topic and who debates the
other side? Will this then be announced on your blog? Or in the comments
section?} Any topic that someone posts and gets accepted by another person will be debated. Debaters decide, not me. (Within reason, of course.) I will announce the beginning of each debate in a new post.

3. {Once the topic and the two debaters are selected, does the first person
send you their post in email? Or do they post it at their blogsite? Or?} The submission should get emailed to me and then I will post it only after I have received posts from each debater. Of course you are free to do with your own writing as you please, but if you post it to your site before your opponent submits his or her post, then he may have some rhetorical advantage by being able to read what you will say before he submits his. If it was me, I would wait until it is posted on this site and then go ahead and post it on yours.

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