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Great post with a nice twist in the "are you bad enough". It's good to put it that way, that we ourselves can't be good enough.

Louie Marsh

GREAT title! This is something I want to use in a sermon someday. A nice way to turn around the usual way of looking at this issue by non-Christians.

Mike Bennett

My experience has been that one of the big obstacles in sharing the Gospel is that most people think they are a pretty good person and therefore they use themselves as the standard for what is good and evil rather that the laws of God. I think maybe this is a result of all the obsession with "Self Esteem" we have in this country or maybe it is just part of the human sin nature.

amber lynn

Ha! That's great. Many people don't understand there is no bell curve for grading when we get to heaven. Good point! Excellent thoughts. Way to go!


As I read your post, these hymn lyrics were ringing in my head & heart: (From Come, Ye Sinners)

Let not conscience make you linger,
Nor of fitness fondly dream;
All the fitness He requireth
Is to feel your need of Him.
This He gives you, this He gives you,
'Tis the Spirit's rising beam.


Jim Baxter

The natural man (humanist) holds that he never killed, stole, raped, etc., therefore he has not sinned. He is 'good enough' or 'no worse than everybody else.'

Each person is born into an ego-centric predicament. Being self-centered is a sin that produces other sins. Thus, everyone is guilty and bankrupt - and needs a Saviour. The only One qualified is Jesus. Add: No one can be humble to Him as an act of the Will (religion|) without recognizing His |Worthiness. If you believe that there is any other Way, you'd better start looking into why there is not. No man-made system will do.

Only He is Worthy to be your Center. You KNOW you are not. Selah

JD Wetterling

Your current essay, "Do You Think You Are Bad Enough to Become a Christian?" Is the best contemporary written work I have read about what it means to be a Christian. (And I read a ton.) I have linked it to my website homepage: Only one other writer besides me shares that distinction—CH Spurgeon. God bless you as you use your great writing/reasoning gift for his Kingdom.

JD Wetterling

Jim Clark

Amazingly, so many of the points you make are paralleled in a recent post of mine "Faith and Sin are Opposites!" and in a follow-up post.

In a nutshell, faith is trusting God, and sin originates from distrusting God, ignoring Him and trusting ourselves.


You said it all.
Good points.
I hope others can learn from all of this.
God Bless:)

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