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Yes it is good news - although the MSM have tried not to report it as such in the main. But I do hope this time will be effective in bringing the truth to the forefront. God bless you Dory.


I think the only way to save Terri is to make sure that her husband is prosecuted. There are entire lists of statutes he has broken (his lawliar needs to be prosecuted also)and yet it has been deliberately ignored by those in law enforcement. That is my conclusion after years of studying this case. (and following similar ones with a miserable death at the end) Wesly J. Smith as written some of the best articles on this subject not to mention a book or two. Pardon me for my angry language but a friend in Illinois just told me about patients in nursing homes begging for water before they went into a coma and expired and how they would not voluntarily ever work at such places ever again. If I had been working at such a place I know I would be fired for disobeying those orders and maybe punching out a supervisor or two before joining any organization who is against this. That is if they would have such an angry man who might have an arrest record. This from a guy who qualifies for a secret clearance and has worked for the government in the years past. I am a Christian and such barbarity will hopefully bring out a righteous anger that does not violate the laws of this wonderful country that I love but I am tempted at times like these. I recognize that and by God's grace will overcome.

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