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Rebecca Stark

Psst...Dory...its Kim of Upward Call and she's a she.

And thanks for doing this on such short notice. I know how much work it is.


Thanks, for taking on the organizational job and for doing this week's carnival. I'll be happy to do the carnival sometime--whatever week you need filled in.

Agent Tim

Hope things get all sorted out. I sent you the details of why you had to switch, so things should be a little clearer.
In Christ

Jeremy Pierce

Have you checked Sharing Spirit? She's been posting what she received, each entry in its separate post. It turned out that there were ten posts at her site that aren't here, and I think there are ten here that aren't there. That means there are really fifty posts. I believe these are all the ones that didn't make it here that she posted:

Revelation: Messages to the Churches at Bezahlt(dot)Org
Getting My Attention at Borgard Blog
Congressman Bobby Jindal - Catholic Apologist? at Catholics in the Public Square
Will Washington's Birthday Find Terri Starving? at Life Matters!
You're So Special at truegrit
The Pope, Death, and Dying at Every Thought Captive
Sunday Sermon on Fasting at Dappled Things
Values at Blogcorner preacher
In search of a clue at Pondering poetry
The American Anti-Christian Liberals Union at the Jesusfreak

She also doesn't seem to know anything about your doing this, at least judging by what she says at the beginning and end of it all.

Jeremy Pierce

The link to the Cross Training post goes to the trackback of the post and not the post itself. The post is here.

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