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I agree wholeheartedly with every word you've written. If Terri Schiavo were a minor child could the court, at it's discretion, appoint an advocate or third party guardian to supervise her care or mediate on her behalf? It's obvious that Michael Schiavo emotionally divorced his wife long ago. Someone needs to hand him the paperwork. It's beyond my comprehension why he hasn't given her back to her biological family.


Michael should never have been appointed to be her guardian in the first place and with the testimony of multiple witnesses sure should not be her guardian now.

mm yates

You have said it well, I think you should file this as a 'friend of the court' brief! Michael has forfeited his right to represent Terri in this sad situation. His loyalty is in serious question.


I was listening to Rush today and the question came up as to when he started the affair with this other woman, and how old are the 2 children they have and does she have any other older children that might be his. The meaning of this question is which came first, Terri's condition or the girlfriend.


Given Rush's track record with women and addiction to prescription drugs, I don't think that he's really a credible source to be commenting on the morality of anyone else's behaviour. Do you? What would Jesus think?

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