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John Luke

Interesting post. You should be able to write a superscript by using the "sup" tag.


Thanks, John! It looks much better now!


Nice commentary and thanks for posting it Dory. If the Creator could not be in harmony with his own scriptures he would be a lessor being. Only those who stubbornly deny him claim to know better. I thank God for so great a salvation.


Though I do not believe that the gap theory should be raised to the level of doctrine, I do believe there are many things that can be said in favor of this view. Mind you these are things in favor of this view apart from modern scientific inquiry.

For one, the linguistic evidence: In the NIV, Genesis 1:2 has the footnote "or possibly became" as a possible translation of 'hayetah' rendering the verse as "Now the earth became formless and empty."

Further "formless" and "empty" when combined in this way, are used only twice in Scripture and refer to the state of affairs following God's judgment (Jer. 4:23; Is. 34:11).

Still further, the word "create" (bara) is only used in regards to animals and humans whereas "make" (asah) is used of all else in this passage. "Make" means to "fashion out of preexisting material" (see Custance, "The Meaning of the Verb 'Make' by Contrast with the Verb 'Create,'" in "Time and Eternity", pp. 115-17).

Additionally, the author of Genesis 1 does not report God creating or making the formless, empty, darkness, deep, or the waters found in 1:2. At the very least, this suggests that Genesis 1 is not an exhaustive, modern, scientific, or literal documentary of creation. This is further demonstrated in that the creation of angels is not mentioned and yet their existence appears to be presupposed by the author. What would it harm if some things were created outside of the six days recorded in Genesis 1, specifically before those 6 days? What would it harm if we do not take these as 6 literal days?

As to Genesis 6 and the "most scholars agree"'s a qualification: the vast majority of contemporary interpreters; see, Wenham's commentary on Genesis in the Word Biblical Commentary and V.P. Hamilton's commentary on Genesis in the New International Commentary on the Old Testament for starters. These scholars follow this interpretation because the "line of Seth" argument does not account for why the offspring of the "line of Seth" and the "daughters of men" would by unnaturally large and identified as giants.

The gap theory did not arise out of a need to reconcile the Bible with science. Rather the gap theory seeks to make the most sense out of the linguistic evidence within the text. It has been around since premodern times advocated by "a significant number of ancient Jewish commentators, Origen, perhaps Augustine, Hugo of St. Victor and Jacob Bohme" (see A. Custance, Without Form and Void).

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