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Dory, on the video, switch to Real player instead of the WinMedia player. I can't get the WinMedia to work in FireFox or IE6 on the FOX website for some reason either.



Thank you for this post full with a plethora of vital information. Blessings to you.

I am posting the following at several sites - it is just a thought of something to do:

This morning I awoke, exhausted still, not resting enough as I pray for Terri. I phoned the Florida State Senator offices requesting they change their vote on the bill for Terri's life, and faxed a message to President Bush, requesting that he take Terri into protective custody if he could and thanking him for his heart and all that he has done to try to help and save her life. I thought about if there was anything else that I could do.

I thought of one more thing:
I phoned the US Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit in Atlanta at (404) 335-6100, and simply requested to leave a message for the Hon. J.L. Edmonson, the Chief Judge of the court. The woman at the other end was polite, courteous, even kind and asked me what message I would like her to relay. I just said that I would ask the Hon. Edmonson to please allow Terri's feeding tube to be restored, while the appeals court considers the entire case concerning Terri. The woman I spoke with said thank you, and that she would pass my message on.

I thought that perhaps all of us might call and leave a similar message for the appeals court.


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