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Thanks so much for your continued work here, Dory.


Dear Editor:

What are we to make of the Republican Party's crusade to maintain Terri Schiavo in a persistent vegetative state for as long as possible?

Even though Terri had been in this terrible condition for fifteen years and had no chance of recovering, Republicans wanted to keep her in a state of living death indefinitely. Why?

Republicans claim to be motivated by a respect for the "inherent" value of human life--even when life is no longer worth living. And in any meaningful way, Terri was no longer living--at least not as a human being able to think, act, and value.

Terri Schiavo had nothing to gain from living, so it is clear that those who wanted to keep her in a state of living death were not concerned with her well being. They were concerned with advancing and imposing their religious view that a person's life belongs to God, and as such must be preserved at all costs. In this view, suffering and misery are to be accepted and endured even when there is no hope of improvement or happiness.

Americans must beware of the danger coming from the Religious Right--and firmly defend their right not to be force-fed with nutrients or religious dogmas that would keep them in a persistent state of living death.

David Holcberg

Ayn Rand Institute

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