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Jason Cuevas

I just remember to keep a couple verses close to my heart at all times when i come across a site like this. Exodus 21:7-11 and Leviticus 25:44-46

Ed "What the" Heckman

It looks like the link I sent got broken in the mail. Here's the correct link:

There IS a Difference Mr Kurtz

It's a discussion of the difference between letting go when death cannot be stopped vs. killing someone who is in no danger of dying. (The Living Will was just the most recent post on the home page, which is where broken links wind up.)

Kitty White

You should add the following link:

and consider deleting all your other links as well as your own comments. The above link gives a very straight, unemotional and complete overview of the case. It honors Terri Schiavo by telling the truth about her; that's the only thing we can do for her at this point. If you cared about Terri Schiavo, you would tell the truth. But you don't care about honoring her wishes, or presenting her as the human being she was, or telling the truth about her final years and her death. You only want to use her to promote your own agenda.

One huge contrast that I note between the Wikipedia entry and yourself is that the Wikipedia entry gives a full discussion of the slanders against Michael Schiavo. You, on the other hand, simply repeat them or link to them without any analysis, thereby promoting the slanders.

Peggy Clyne

I live in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Please convey my heartfelt sympathy to the Schindler family. I prayed for Terri's recovery, but apparently God had another plan. I will continue to pray for the family. I want them to ask God to help them NOT BE BITTER! It will be hard to do, but necessary for their healing.

Be strong in the Lord and in the POWER of His might. I love you.

Peggy from Tortola.

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