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Good points.
There are times when confrontation is the needed act of love to restore a brother or sister who has fallen into sin. I admit to having my own blind spots. I need to be able to humbly accept correction, because it can lead me to a better, stronger, more God-filled life myself. (That is speaking to my own response to correction. And I think I need to be correctable, even if the attitude of the corrector is wrong.)
As to my attitude toward bringing correction or confrontation it must always be saturated with grace. It must always be aimed at restoration and have the good of the other in mind. And, I dare to add, it must not be delivered for the sake of demonstrating my own superior (in my own mind) righteousness or understanding of scripture.
Confrontation should ideally be done with an attitude of fear and trembling. Delight in confrontation is at best worrisome.
Anyhow, good post.


Teem, You bring up an excellent point, that sometimes our pride can lead us to elevate ourselves by putting others down, and if we find ourselves feeling an unholy satisfaction in rebuking others, we need to do some serious self-inspection and repentance. I think this is often a part of the control thing--we control others by bringing them down in this way and putting them in their place.

cwv warrior

Irony strikes as I just finished a confrontational email this a.m. It is with our leaders I find myself at odds. This is indeed a scary thing mostly because of their God-given authority. But the reason I feel compelled in this area is that they have great power and influence on the innocent and misguided. Often, anger is what drives my rebukes. Christian college professors, pastors, legislators who have a duty to the constitution. And the concern is not so much for the person I'm speaking with but with their followers/students. I don't want to know more than them but as Christians grounded in Truth, we are graced with discernment. Praying for humility and wisdom is of the utmost. I appreciate the guidance here. God's perfect timing!

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