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haha!And I thought I was special. Oh well, I was glad just to receive a response. I feel like our emails were not wasted time and someone at least read them and the governor himself even mentioned how many emails he has been receiving. =) Have I mentioned today how much I love your blog?


Yeah, it was a form letter.

It was nice to get, though.

Pretty cool, actually.


I got two of them today one for the e-mail I sent and one for the petition I signed. Form letters yes but I liked the words.

Nancy Shields

March 23, 2005

Dear Mr. President;

How can you say there is nothing more you can do? This woman is dying and it is in your power to make a difference. Please I implore you help keep Terri Schiavo alive. Below I have sent this plea to any and every website I can think of. I am only one person, but together we can make a difference. I do believe I heard a president of the United States of America say that before also. Please at least read what I have to say. I realize your time is so valuable. But you are the leader of our country and I feel you should at least recognize someone as small as I. I thank you graciously. By the way I voted for you and if congress would pass a law to allow a president to continue for more than two terms I would be one of the first at the polls.

I do pray you don’t’ trash my opinion.
I am someone out there and trying my hardest to be heard. This is my seventh article in Terri Schiavo’s defense. But unfortunately I haven’t been heard because my importance to this case seems to be
Main Entry: hear•say
Pronunciation: ‘hi (&) r-"as
Function: noun
1: something heard from another: RUMOR
2: evidence based not on a witness's personal knowledge but on matters told him or her by another: As found in Miriam Webster Dictionary: (This is the same dictionary the so called judges’ used
to learn how to read and write that has condemned Terri Schiavo to death and is against it.) I would like to ask the public would they like a judge to handle there estate ‘on hearsay after they have passed?

Conclusion: This is exactly the kind of courts we have today
according to the Schiavo’s case. They now base judgments on hearsays not facts beyond a reasonable doubt! This is wrong! Pease give her justice while she is alive. Don’t’ wait till she is dead. Don’t’ allow such horrific suffering for her and her parents to go on any
longer. Its’ obvious Michael Schiavo is not suffering at all. He is to busy making babies and giving his love to another woman. He has already committed adultery and the courts are obviously accepting this without any thought of Terri Schiavo. And this is beyond SAD!

According to the voting status on your web site, it only shows what a demented country we live in, to actually will a human being to death by starvation is barbaric and unconceivable. It is in my opinion that Judge George Geer and Judge James Whitmore should have to starve as Terri Shiavo has been sentenced to. Perhaps they would then realize what a catastrophe they have caused.

More Than Concerned:
Nancy Shields

andy fitch

This is inhumane and should lead to an investigation of judge greer and see if he was brived by Micheal Shaivo and let the FBI
take over and consider this a criminal
investigation therefore the feeding tube should be reinserted,inhumanity law is a felony and this is certainly the case!
Andy Fitch

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