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The courts remind me of a shark with that cold, unremorseful stare from those blank black eyes, unstoppable as it attacks.


I came here yesterday through Women4God Blogs and read this and go so into the links you provided that I forgot to comment....then today surfing Blog Explosion, I come across you again, so I figured I'd leave a comment. lol.

Thanks for all this info about Terri. I've heard a lot about it and it really touched my heart and I've been praying for her, but now that I know more facts it'll make it easier to pray better for her and to take action by writing Jeb Bush. Thanks!

Now, I'm gonna go gander at the Christian Carnival. :)

Nancy Shields

I could not believe my eyes when on MSNBC I saw Florida police arresting CHILDREN because they wanted to give water to Terri Schiavo. What has our world become of? This is so terrifying to witness. Children being arrested. America did you see what I saw? Does this not disturb you? Where is your heart?
Have we got a miscommunication on MSNBC? Whether she is brain dead or not, no human being should be allowed to murder another. And this is justified murder. If she is brain dead how is she still breathing? Her brain tells her to breathe; therefore she is not brain dead.

Main Entry: 1dead
Pronunciation: 'ded
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English deed, from Old English dEad; akin to Old Norse dauthr dead, deyja to die, Old High German tOt dead -- more at DIE
1 : deprived of life : having died
The above text is from Webster’s Dictionary. Is the dictionary that schooled us all wrong?
Listen to Randall Terry and Joe Scarborough. They make more since than both judges and Michael Schiavo all together. A decision without feelings is a decision without hope. And George Greer and James Whitmore, Attorney George Felos and Michael Schiavo along with all the other people who has sentenced Terri Schiavo’s death will answer to the living Almighty God who created all people. I did not use titles for the so called judges, because in my eyes they should be excused from legal practice. To take the life of Terri Schiavo is unlawful. Michael Schiavo is living with another woman and she had two children by him. Now if he is so loving and caring why would he want his children to go through the ridicule and disappointments his selfish and deploring attitude has shown. And sadly his children will suffer his selfish and pending criticism when they are older.

Concerned, Nancy Shields


From a Catholic's persective, the ordeal of Terri tracks to the suffering of Christ in a modern sense. Especially the abuse of power by her husband, his attorney and the judges. They hav, to be charitable, been much more concerned with the process and administration of justice than in the delievery of justice in this case. Christ died for our sins. Terri is dying because of our collective sin


One other thought, if I may: Some are blaming Jeb and George bsh for not doing more to save Terri. I think that is unfortunate and misguided. We are a nation of laws. Our leaders are bound by their word and oath to uphold those laws. And the men and women who enforce their orders are as well. The cure for the sick judiciary that has led to the death of Terri is not going to occur by breaking the law but by fixing the law. If either of the Bush brothers were to break the law in anattemtp to save Terri, not only would Terri still not likely receive justice, some of the greates advocated for the right to life in modern America would be at the least weakened, if not thrown out of office.
Think of what a Kerry or Clinton would be doing right now if they were in either a Governor's seat or in the Whitehouse.

it's my life

As they drove toward the school that morning, the students knew what awaited them--an angry group of white protesters. Just a few weeks before, the nine had walked past just such a crowd to the high school's entrance. That morning, Arkansas State Troopers had turned the nine away, and, along with local police, stood by while the mob pelted the black students cars with stones, assaulted them, and threatened their lives. But even though they were scared, the nine didn't give up. Like many of the figures in what came to be known as the Civil Rights movement, they would keep trying.
Days later the students tried again, but when protesters outside realized the students had entered the school, they exploded into violence. Once again, the Little Rock Nine were forced to leave the school. But again, they would not give up. The next day, the Little Rock Nine returned to Central High, this time protected by United States Army troops sent by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

They challenged the laws that discriminated against them as well as the attitudes of many Americans. One by one segregation laws were overturned and slowly many white Americans began to change how they felt about African Americans. Other groups, notably Latinos and Native Americans also became increasingly active in their drive for full participation in American society.

It is the duty of our government to see to it that equal protection under the laws of our country are not denied to any person regardless of their health or status, most especially to those who cannot protect themselves, as well it is the responsibility of every American to see to it that our public officials faithfully and promptly perform this duty.

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