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cwv warrior

I can see you have a heart for this, and who could help not in recent days. I am starting to seriously contemplate at what point will I, and maybe others, start to withold their tax dollars. Judicial tyranny is out of control, with death as their vow and cry. We are not far from blood in the streets at this rate. Right to revolt has never been more clear. Radical? Did anyone hear Pat Buchanan last night and the Rabbi (?) speaking about the road to holocaust? They were on Scarborough Country. God help us. God save Terri.

Jochen Daentjer

Stop the torture on your daughter! It's terrible


this is a wonderful idea dory, having a place where people can voice in protest how terri is being treated and how her condition is being used as a political issue. personally i want michael and that George Felon (oops...i mean Felos)(shivers sent down spine) to just leave her to her parents and them go on with their lives!!!!! LET TERRI ALONE!!! LET HER DIE WITH DIGNITY!!!!!

fred m lewis

I believe Mary Schindler is satisfying her own conscience in her effort to prolong her daughters existance. Notice I did not say life, because there is no "LIFE" as we know it in this scenario does not exist.
Lets suppose the Schindlers are successful in their quest and are given custody and care of their daughter. There will come a time when both the parents have passed away. Who then will assume the responsibility for the care of this young woman? How many of you are willing to voluntier for this undertaking? Not many, I think.

Peter Allen Triplett

I share your pain But I'm also very sad and
angry that this fight won't let up terri has
begun a journey to heaven let her have this
moment please stop the fighting with her
husband can't you see he's suffering as
well I'm sorry you lost these battles It's
time to let go go home grieve start the
plans for her departing from this earth
to a better place remember her and the
time you have had her souls is already
there and thats a great this there is no
more pain and suffering I trully believe
it's time tosay I love you terri and we will
be together someday In the heavens god is
with and has been he has called her home
let her begin this journey Its time to do
the right thing start planning the funneral
and end the fighting I've watched This on
the news Time to call a closure and end
the bickerng and fighting I know terri is
in heaven this is the right thing to do
for yourselves and terri and for the family
and for the sake of god Please think and
see what Its doing to your family I do
believe you have let go time to end the
fight and let terri go in peace.

Florencio Ello, M.D.

To win this case for the Schinlers they to do the right move. The best right move is to file an emergency divorce from Terri's legal husband.

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