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Great blog! Found you on blog explosion...



I still can't believe this is even an issue. When will common sense ever prevail?? I fear it is gone never to return again. Poor Terri Schiavo. And her poor parents.

Dogwood Blue

Thanks for the clear information. How could a mistake like this have been made? Was there no one in that court able to do accurate research? It is disgraceful.


Seems like everything that could have gone wrong on this case HAS gone wrong. Satanically so. But I"m praying that she gets delivered from this whole mess. There is still hope. There needs to be a National Day of Prayer and Fasting to Save Terri Schiavo's Life. I hope some big national group with access to media can organize one.


I have been dropping in on your blog to follow your comments about Terri Schiavo.

I find it difficult to believe that even after you have presented very clear evidence that Terri is not a vegetable, and that there is a sinister motive behind the attempts to have her starved, you still get comments such as "Poor Terri". Then again, I do feel for a woman who was married to such a horrible man as Michael Schiavo.


Mike Bennett

This is very interesting. It illustrates how far the courts have been stretching credibility because they are so desperate to have this woman killed. It reminds of some other peoples prevarications, such as "It all depends on what the meaning of "is" is."

I pray that the court won't be allowed to brush this under the rug.

Alyssa Baxter

I think that her feeding tube should stay in...she breathes on her own, she looks around, she knows when someone is talking to her...even when someone is praying she closes her eyes, and opens them when the prayer is done. She isn't retarded, she knows what is going on..just because she can't talk, eat or move doesn't mean that she wouldn't want to live. I think its complete BullCrap at taking out the feeding tube and letting her starve. If she was on lifesupport and she would die as soon as it was turned off, then yes she would pretty much be dead already. Its going to take 10 to 14 days to die when they take the tube out. WOuld YOU want to be hungry for 2 weeks, then die because you weren't fed? who's ever stupid idea that its right to do that, is a complete idiot. Its freakin murder!
People say that she wont ever be normal again, but they also said that same thing about Christopher reeve, and he overcame his disability...I think if we just take the time, we will see a miracle.
People say that her husband has complete right to make the decision! BULL CRAP! he is with another women and even has kids with her, so what right does he have to make about her life?


Food's all that's keeping me alive...I mean, I can breath on my own and my heart beats on it's own. So how is my case different then Terri's? Would it be okay for my husband to decide not to feed me? The only difference is that this woman cannot speak for herself.
If there were an ongoing case of somebody starving even a dog to death...think of the public outrage that would be forthcoming. Yet the overwhelming majority of American's think it's okay to starve a human being? On what planet does that make sense?
Okay, then there's the "law" that all of these people are sticking to (judges included). Well, my friends...just because it's a law doesn't make it right. Some laws are just WRONG!!! Slavery used to be lawful...but the inherent evil in it was recognized and it was abolished. I beg these judges to have the courage to stand up and say that letting this woman be murdered in front of the eyes of America IS WRONG!!!

Goldie Smith

What is wrong with the world came to, we are
kinder to our animals, we don't let our animal's than we are to humans I have been watching this whole mess, how crule, even I know that our murders and rapest even the people on death row are NOT STARVED my heart and prayers go out to this women I don't know but being a mother I feel her parents, and in closing I THINK it's more than religon with her so called husband, I think its money maybe a life insurance policey because he has done nothing but tryand get RID of Terri her PARENTS have taken care of her from the git go.
P.S. Why don't the parents try to take custody.

Goldie Smith

Sorry about the type ooo's in my previous email's, that show's how angry I am and how ANGRY AMERICA should be.

shipra raju

This is the most horrendous thing to happen to a human being in the world's most powerful country. Who the f....g gave any right to a judge or that husband to take away a life. They arent God. All these people who do not want Terri to live should be starved to death.

shipra raju

helplesness is written large on Terri's parents' faces... The onse who brought her in this world dont have any right in deciding her faith...If you see Terri's pictures, there' love for life, willingness to live in her eyes.


How privilledged I am to live out of the US in a society that values life, in a society where life in all forms is largely respected, in a society where my worth and value as an individual is not determined solely by my mental and physical capacity (which by the way is considered normal).

How privilledged I am, to never experience the anguish and helplessness of American "progession" the powerlessness of the Schiavo's to protect their child from a ruthless agenda and a democracy and progression that lends itself to "designer" lifestyle.

How can any humane person deprive any living organism of a fundamental human right?

Not a Christian and not American ... simply human !



shipra raju

70% Americans want Terri to die. But who are they to decide...if this is what happens in a liberal country, the most powerful country;where a woman's life is in the hands of the court and her husband. without a proof of Terri's unwillingness to live like this the court has decided her fate. And with all the proofs of well-known neurosurgeons and doctors and above all Terri's parents that she can live the court has made its decision.
you know what: in America THE COURT IS GOD...How sick this country is...

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