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Very insightful post! The scriptures also say, with man this seems impossible but with God all things are possible, (pardon my paraphrase). Your point is well put that we need not fear those who kill the body, such as our failing judiciary, all we need do is be faithful to God and His Word.

As we come away from this Easter season, we must remember that Christ has won the victory, death cannot claim us for we are Christ's. David's example is a good one for us as we continue on and learn to fight the spiritual battles and wage righteous warfare against evil which God has entrusted to us. May we be found faithful even unto the death.


During a dark and rainy week that began with Palm Sunday, and finished as an Easter drama too eery in likeness to the original, I read of Florida judges who turned away a tearful Schindler family, literally begging for the life of their daughter, Terri. Although there is no way to experience the pain borne by the Schindlers, who watched their own child dying, I too was disappointed and saddened -- crushed, really -- and angered with doctors and some newspapers, as well as judges, for what I personally view as cowardice and ignorance -- for their collective inabilities to confront a real, life and death issue with knowledge and understanding, with intelligence and wisdom.

I will remember the hollow sound of Jeb Bush repeating, "we will do all we can, within the law," as life continued to drain from Terri's defenseless body. And I will be hard pressed to know why it remains fashionable to wrap ourselves in a flag and posture, "we want judges who follow the law -- not interpret the law." But I shall least forget the pivotal role of a faceless finder of fact (the trial judge, I assume), who should have asked more questions with personal strength and humility, done more research with integrity and determination. When some time has passed, I shall be grateful if someone -- if anyone -- explains to me how "a nation of laws" and social justice is beneficially served by the unblinking execution of Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo.

Milton Stanley

Amen, Dory. You're right that we have to trust God and get on with his work.

For another moving post on the effects of Terri's death (although he wrote it while she was still living), see "The End of Terri Schiavo" at Sprucegoose. Peace.

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