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"He is sifting out the hearts of men before his judgment seat."


Hello Mrs. Zinkand! I finally got on your website! It's been great to be able to read your updates on Terri Schiavo when I couldn't ask you about it. See you sunday!


Did you see your blog made AP news?


Hi, Sam! Did you get that geometry assignment done yet??? (Just kidding.)

Vickie, Yeah, ain't it something? I hope everybody who reads that realizes that the quote from JollyBloggers' site is not his opinion, but one of a commenter on his site. He has an opposite view! It's a little unclear.


I do not know what the answer is. I do not know if it is more humane to allow a person to die of natural causes, or to put nourishment into them to keep them alive. What I DO know is, purposely starving someone, and dehydrating them, is heinous. I do not know what Terri can feel, experience, and understand at this point. But I am reasonably sure that, if this mess is allowed to continue, she will die an agonizing death. Back in New Jersey, there was this 450-pound-man who had raped a 14-year-old girl, been found guilty, and was let out of prison BECAUSE THE PRISON FACILITY COULD NOT ACCOMMODATE HIS GIRTH. Then there was Jerry Swann--a convict, also in New Jersey, who was a diabetic. And he was released BECAUSE RAHWAY STATE PRISON COULD NOT ADEQUATELY ACCOMMODATE A DIABETIC. The Oklahoma bomber? We made sure he got a fair trial. We have adult males in our society, who ram an adult-sized penis into the anal cavities of infants, and we make sure EVEN THEY get a fair trial. Now here's Terri. What on earth did this poor woman do, to deserve treatment that would be considered "cruel and unusual punishment" for even Charles Manson, but perfectly all right to do to her? What did she do? Did she burn the toast, not darn her husband's socks, make his favorite meal not to his liking? Did she fail to balance the checkbook, miss some lint on the rug while she was vaccuuming, forget to close the silverware drawer? Did she fail to reach the male fantasy of female perfection for Stepford wives everywhere? Were her breasts not perky enough? Gain 5 pounds? Yeah, I guess all those are perfectly adequate reasons to execute your wife. Just ask my ex-husband, Steve.

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