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Relative to "For Christians Only: How Long...?" -- From the first disciples, to the early followers recorded in Acts, and most recently, to us modern-day Christians, as the bumper sticker reads, CHRISTIANS: We're not perfect - just forgiven! (We're not necessarily one, big happy and perfect family; but we ARE a family!)



Terri Schiavo has stuck like molasses and honey since Ellen, my good wife, first asked me to write to Florida Governor, Jeb Bush -- maybe two years ago, at the urging of Joni Eareckson Tada. I am happy that Terri has found a warm and comfortable place in my heart (and yours) -- and with her Father in Heaven -- after great turmoil in her final days on earth.

Terri has certainly altered my political perspectives -- I now figuratively stand with my left arm stretched around Ted Kennedy and Jerry Brown (aka "Captain Moonbeam," former Governor of California, and now Mayor of Oakland), with my right arm resting on Tom DeLay's shoulder. I like to think that it's much like the Emmaus Road on Good Friday (Luke 24:13-35) -- I am greatly surprised by the company I keep while fleeing Jerusalem (Florida). Breaking bread in fellowship with strangers, on this difficult road, is comforting.

And if your Emmaus Road and your sandals carry you as far as California, you will hear the first shots fired for an assisted suicide bill (AB654), as it receives controversial committee approval (you can read an article written by Lynda Gledhill on the San Francisco Chronicle website,, for Wednesday, April 13, 2005 -- use the left hand search column for "30 days," inserting "AB654"). Interestingly, the bill would require, among other provisions: 1) Two physicians shall agree that the patient has less than six months to live. 2) The patient shall make multiple requests, and receive counseling about alternatives. 3) Two phyicians shall determine that the patient has no mental illness. 4) The patient must self administer the suicide death drug. 5) A conservator or family member shall not act for a terminally ill patient.

Very sadly, and with macabre irony, Terri Schindler Schiavo would be alive today, if her case had been tried and reviewed under provisions for California's proposed "Suicide Law," instead of Florida state law.

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