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Res Ipsa

Nice post.

By the way, don't forget what "dog" backwards spells.

I read about that in the Bible Code.


I just happened to click on your site from the PCA blogroll and as soon as I saw that you were a dog person, I knew I'd be back! My family has 3 dogs, and we constantly delight in how God teaches us, sanctifies us, and grants us grace through them.

jim adams

I wrote this note to a friend long before I read THe BIBLE CODE,
I believe that Adam had a dog. I believe that as God made the animals to pass before Adam to be named, a dog bounded up to Adam with it's tongue lolling out the side of it's mouth and a look on it's face that said " MAN IT'S GREAT TO BE ALIVE."
I believe Adam said I'm taking you home with me and I will call you dog.
for dog is god spelled backwards you see.



I had to laugh out loud when I visited your blog this morning. This past Saturday, I had just said to Dave that a certain magazine should do a complete issue on...drumroll please....dogs. And then I visited your blog and what did I see but an article on dogs. Too funny!

I actually think that a variety of articles written on dogs and their owners would be interesting to read. I got started thinking in this direction when I was waiting at a stop sign this past Saturday, and a truck pulled past me with two little white, floppy-haired mutts hanging their heads and tongues out the driver's window. I couldn't help thinking, "Why do we take our doggies in cars with us?" It certainly isn't for the exercise. I came to the conclusion that we take them with us because we love to make sure they have fun in life. Not so unlike our God. He blesses us with life lessons that grow us, but that isn't all he does. He created a world with vibrant colors and interesting sights and sounds...all for our enjoyment. He's intent on growing us spiritually...AND he delights to bring us joy just for the sheer pleasure of it.

As I type, my own little golden retriever is sitting by my side with his head in my lap. Everytime I try to type, he gently at first, then more insistently if I ignore him, pushes his nose up against my arm as if to say, "I'm here. Did you forget about me?"

And I wonder how often our God does things that are designed to say to us, "I'm here. Did you forget about me?"

Dogs are definitely gifts from above.



We don't have a dog, largely because our lives are too busy to care for one properly. At least that's what I say, my wife may say differently.
But I like dogs. And it seems to me dogs know that. Animals in need of grace respond to grace givers. Awareness of my great need for grace helps me to respond to the Great Grace Giver.


What a unique approach to an illustration of grace through a dog-lover's eyes. I love it! My own labrador is constantly giving me lessons about grace and forgiveness.


It is amazing what we can learn from God's less analytical creatures. One of the things I am reminded of often with my dogs (and cat)is their tremendous ability to forgive.

cwv warrior

Hey Dory! You can chalk up some character points for me! Sunny IS our family. She's got the spunk, playfulness, appreciation for good food, Mom's protective instincts, mercy, and need for attention that we can all relate to and do. We "talk" for her so that some of each of our personalities is melded into hers. Dogs have soul. Randy Alcorn, author of HEAVEN, gives a pretty good argument for seeing our pups in our eternal Home. Talk about joy!

Tom Jackson

"Every dog has found its god, and worships him with its tail."

--- H. L. Mencken (quoted, possibly inaccurately, from memory)

Just be sure to keep them away from the cellos.

Milton Stanley

Sweet article, Dory. I wrote about it at my blog. Peace.

Kathleen Dalton

Thanks for the article, Dory. Two weeks ago I had to say goodbye to Max, my Golden Retriever. We had been inseparable for 11 years, and I wondered how I would walk through it. I put off taking him to the vet, knowing that I probably would return alone. I did. But I was pleasantly surprised a few days later that I was left not with unbearable grief, but with a whole scrapbook of pleasant memories. Although I long for that sense that he is sleeping beside my desk as I write, it's so comforting to realize the LORD of all creation gave me such a great dog simply for my pleasure. Yes...a perfect picture of His grace.

Kathryn Judson

I've linked to this at my blog. Thanks for writing it.


We just put down our yellow lab last week. She had colon cancer and was in pain and depressed. Although we only had her for 6 yrs she became a true family member. Two days before her passing I think she was aware of her coming departure to heaven. At 4 in the morning we saw her sitting outside with a look on her face that reflected that she was thinking about her life with us and the coming change. When she went to the vet we went also. And though we all cried as did the vet she remained in a very peaceful state and offered no resistence.


Back in 2005 I woke up at 4:00 AM to take a trip to Disney. That morning our plans were stalled and we decided to go have breakfast to lift our spirits. It was 6:30 AM and we saw a small stray dog that was in such terrible conditions. We took coaxed her into our car and headed strait to the nearest vet and had her groomed right after. She turned out to be a poodle mix and an extremely loving and intelligent little girl. She has filled our life with joy and we couldn't love her more. I came to this site because I am convinced dogs are gifts from God. They are the only animal willing to interact with humans and love them unconditionally. Perhaps that was the way it was originally meant to be, all animals were supposed interact with man but upon sinning the animals all turned against each other including humans. I believe God allowed for one species of animal to remain loving towards humans and that was the dog. I am thankful to God since this is one of the many ways in which God shows his mercy towards his children.


Hi Dory,

I know it has been quite some time since you posted this. My dog died from being hit by a car a few months ago. Well, a guy I just started dating recently has a dog named Sasha who is a joy although sometimes it's difficult to connect with her because I'm still grieving. Well, every time I see a black lab in the neighborhood, it reminds me of Bella. I saw one tonight from my balcony and started balling my eyes out because I miss her soooo much. When I was done crying, Sasha crawled up to my side on the couch and cuddled with me so lovingly. I felt like I connected with her more than I ever have. I mean, she was really laying it on thick. She knew how I was feeling. For a moment, I swear I could actually feel that God was showing me how much He loves me through Sasha. I can't explain it, but it was amazing. I got online and started researching the spirituality of dogs and found your blog. Anyway, thanks for posting this. It was a blessing to my heart. Take care :)

Carol Phillips

I believe to the blogger when she said that "I know that not everyone cares much for dogs, but when I discover somebody is a "dog person," I must confess that gives them character points in my book. "

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