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Diane R

This is interesting to me, as a few years ago, I felt God leading me to not just research my ancestors' names, but to try to find their spiritual history also. Thanks for the great post.


Dory, great post! I think that we loose sight of who we are if we do not know our family history along with HisStory. Without this connection from the past we loose sight of how the future finds its direction in life. I always think of the communion service at church as the connection to all of history. Jesus said that as we take communion, the bread and wine, we remember Him in our life now by taking the emblems of communion, then we remember what He did in the past making salvation possible, and we see in Him as our hope of eternal salvation in the future. Past, present, and future, Christ is in all of history.

I learned this from Ravi Zacharias sometime back and it has helped me balance the past with the here and now and line it up with the future. I try to live now in the light of the future hope, the resurrection, that we have in Christ, for that is all we can really claim in this life. For the past I give God the glory for His leading and His work through Christ, and in the future I will no doubt wonder at and wander in the glory of our so great salvation for eternity.


Zinkand, goodness do I envy you. Try digging through a bunch of Kelleys (they also spell it Kelly). Lots of "brickwalls" there.

I enjoyed the post as I'm into genealogy also. In fact, I'm just sent in my DNA sample to Familytree DNA for my paternal side and have found a distant male cousin who has agreed to do a sample for the maternal side of the line. Soooo, maybe some of those brickwalls might be finally scaled.

God bless!


Ah, but I have Kellys, too! Mine are the Manx Kellys rather than the Irish ones. It makes them a little easier to trace, but not much. Then there's my Dad's Welsh family. There's about a dozen Welsh surnames in that whole country, I think! So when I work that side of the family I have to sort out those named Davies, Morgan, Jones, Williams,...well you get the idea. I suppose that's why I had the wisdom to marry a Zinkand!

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