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My Boaz's Ruth

FYI: At the bottom of the article (N.B. on) the text gets too small to read. I had to copy/paste it out to Word to change the font size and read it.

From Dory: Thanks for letting me know. The problem has been corrected. Sorry to put you to so much trouble!

Morgan Farmer

The Message???? Wow so thats why that book by Rick Warren did not make any sense to me. I could not for the ife of me figure out WHAT he was quoting from. It was not even comparing to my NKJV...I got half way through the first chapter and threw the book in the trash.



Less of a problem for me as the Orthodox Church accepts only the Septuagint for the OT and has a similar set of approved texts for the NT. Makes it easier althro that does mean we are limited to the King James OT in English until the new translation gets done.

Wayne Leman

Dr. Ryken's book is also available as a free pdf download from the Crossway website.

Tom Bewick

The "free" booklet from crossway is not free it is now $3, but from the ESV website you can get the whole book that the booklet is only a small part of for free!
Go figure, that's the internet.
Here is the link;

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