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Diane R.

I'm glad you are a teacher who recognizes different thinking patterns. I used to be a teacher and am very left-brained. After reading several whole brain thinking books, I realized that some people just do not learn like I do. For example, I found that some people just cannot learn phonetically. So, I began to develop ways of teaching for those right-brained students I had and saw some most intresting things.

Sadly, the majority of Christian curriculums are extreme-left-brained, thus leaving behind the right-brain thinkers and "forcing" them to be someone they are not. Of course I realize we need to build bridges to right-brainers so they can learn how they can best memorize since this is a weak point for most of them. But for example, holding up phonetics-only as the "godly" way of learning to read is just plain ridiculous and I think cruel.


Maybe Bill could play Scrabble with me. I sure would love to watch one of your games. As I always told Karen, I get so caught up in the word I totally forget about points!!


Welcome back, Dory, after a well-deserved break. Seeing as how you're one of my favorite reads, it wasn't easy with you away, wondering where you were. Glad to see you back in the saddle.

And aren't the Outer Banks the best? We're Avon people, ourselves...

JD Wetterling

Great to have you back, Dory.



Welcome back, Dory -- hopefully my comments are appropriate to honor Wittenberg Gate’s new Gourmet Food Section, recently featuring Japanese condiments (17 September) and chocolate chip cookies (11 July).

My mother was formally schooled in Japanese arts, crafts, and cooking by her mother who died early. Working her teen years to help the family, Mom was better known for her “meat and potatoes” meals and apple pie, served to blue collar, hard working people, frequenting a Fresno restaurant operated by her father (who also had an adjacent pool hall).

Following are some of my favorite Japanese foods that Mom taught me to prepare and/or appreciate over the years.

(1) Shio Saba -- (salted and grilled mackerel)

(2) Japanese Breakfast -- miso shiru (fermented bean curd soup), gohan (steamed rice), grilled fish, tamago (poached egg), tsukemono (pickled vegetables) and umeboshi (salted plum), natto (fermented soybeans), nori (dried seaweed sheets), fresh fruit (musk melon, persimmon, or Asian pear)

(3) Obento (picnic meal) -- musubi (rice balls with black sesame seed), yakitori (barbequed chicken) or grilled fish, tsukemono, kabocha (roasted or boiled pumpkin), manju (azuki bean pastry)

(4) Sekihan / Kinpira / Horenso Ohitashi -- azuki beans, brown rice, black sesame seeds / gobo (burdock pencil shavings), with chili flakes, soy sauce, and sugar / boiled spinach, black sesame seeds, soy sauce

(5) Noodles in Broth -- udon (noodles) in fish and miso broth, kamaboko (pressed fish cake), tofu (soybean curd), age (deep fried soybean curd), kombu strips (dried seaweed), turnip greens, and green onions

(6) Oden (hodgepodge stew) – processed and pressed seafood and vegetables (konnyaku), including carrots, daikon (Japanese radish), and taro (Hawaiian root staple), tofu, age, rolled kombu, in miso – fish broth, garnished with chopped green onions

(7) Ochazuke (steamed rice with green tea) with Tsukemono -- (pickled vegetables) including cucumber, daikon, eggplant, forest greens, herb greens, mustard greens, and nappa

(8) Sushi or Sashimi – varieties of raw or broiled seafood, fresh or pickled vegetables, and eggs on bite size rice balls, or varieties of filleted, raw seafood

(9) Nabemono (one pot cooking), Shabu-shabu -- diced chicken, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, matsutake (pine tree) mushrooms, nappa (Japanese cabbage), green onions, mitsuba or shungiku (Japanese herb greens), shirataki (noodle filaments), and tofu in miso – chicken broth

(10) Grilled Mochi (glutinous rice cake) with Kinako – mochi dusted with sweetened soybean flour


I loved the cookie post, but love having you back too. This first post for the new school year is a winner. Thanks, 'teach.' (no disrespect meant in the least.)


Dory, with due consideration for your new, demanding schedule, have you read any particularly interesting items – or had some personal thoughts – in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita?

In Fresno, our Mayor, Alan Autry (aka “Bubba,” deputy sheriff of the former TV series, “In the Heat of the Night” – yes, in California, we have yet to find an elected office unsuited for anyone in show business) has been actively recruiting dislodged Katrinans – traveling to Texas and the Gulf Coast, and inviting families to pull up stakes, to start a new life in Fresno. These invitations have been largely initiated and supported by local churches and faith based organizations; but except for student transfers and family relatives, the effort has met with little success. The community is generally lukewarm to this project, together with the Fresno County Board of Supervisors -- fearing a dependent population increase in an area normally beset with double digit unemployment

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