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Al Johnson

Dory, this is an important, helpful post. I have experienced depression and it was not helpful to read books or hear from well-intentioned people that I should just have a positive attitude, or trust God more, and get on with life. There are often important reasons for depression and other times when we lack happy feelings. Elijah was depressed after dealing with the false prophets on Mt. Carmel. And God met him in his need. Thanks for your good post.


Al, I have never experienced depression, but I have watched others that I love go through it. It is so difficult to see someone in that place and not know how to help. Usually when we are wanting to say something, anything, but don't know what to say, we say something insipid, and I suppose I have! But I think that pointing out that the state of our emotions and the state of our faith are two different things is helpful. So is the reminder that it is God who gives faith, and where He gives even only a small weak faith, He gives His faithfulness in return. His faithfulness is of the kind that never forgets or forsakes or gets tired and gives up. Ultimately, it is His faithfulness, His zeal, that saves us, not our own.

Jim Vellenga

This is something that many young people need to hear as well. With their focus on feelings, they can easily wonder if their faith is gone when their emotions are not as high, instead of realizing that emotions will rise and fall, while faith can remain strong through all of them. Thanks for the post.


Great Post! This is something that needs to be said more often. The christian walk should be by faith and not by sight. In the world that we live in, a major emphasis is on emotions, even in our worship it's all emotions it seems. I think that God has placed everything in us (just like you said) to succeed even over depression. What else is amazing, when Job had faith that his Redeemer liveth (liveth being present tense) his Redeemer had not come yet. That's Faith! Great post, keep it up!

Carl Holmes

Excellent Post. I currently am fighting a pretty good bout of depression and anxiety. I take a lot of joy in the life of Job and the faith of the prophets. Faith comes down to the individual finding ways to increase in faith and vitality in the Lord. Christian council helps, but sometimes it is hard if they have not been through it themselves.


Thanks for this Dory - I can relate.
Welcome back too - I've missed you in the sphere. You make a wonderful contribution always.

Heather in WI

Thank you for this post. When my baby died I understood, for the first time, "Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him". It was through tears that I sang and understood some of the great hymns of the faith for the first time. Although I would never wish it on anyone else, I know that God used this time of crisis in my life to strip away everything (and everbody) that I clung to and bring me to trust in Him alone.

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