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cwv warrior

As I am now studying Pursuit of Holiness by Jerry Bridges, your words are VERY timely. Thanks Dory. There is absolutely a need for balance between our own pursuit and the helping of our brothers and sisters, in all humility.


I haven't read that book, but Jerry Bridges also has a book, Transforming Grace, that has been a real blessing to me and to others I know. It's strange, isn't it, that we are so resistant to accept something so wonderful as God's grace?


I only have enough time to read about half your article because the kids are starting to cry and fuss, but I do want to say one thing. I agree completely that through our own power we can do nothing and that it all must be through the grace of God. You can read that in Ephesians. But I do think that we are to be holy people. Paul wanted us to be sanctified wholly. Notice the past tense, as if it is possible to be cleansed and seperated for the work of God down here. The bible also talks about being sanctified vessels unto honour. Paul told the Galatians to Walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh b/c whoever did the works of the flesh SHALL NOT inherit the kingdom of God. Also it is very possible to lose your salvation, all throughout the Bible is warnings of apostasy and the dangers of walking away from God. Anyway I agree to an extent with you, but I think some things should be a litttle more stern in our church world today. If this come across rude I apologize from the bottom of my heart. I just love to discuss the Word of God.


I think if you had finished reading it you would see that I agree with you that we need to be holy and to encourage one another in that. The point I was making is whether we use the world's methods to pressure/manipulate people into that, or do we assume that God has remade our natures in such a way that we are already motivated to be sanctified unto godliness.

We disagree on the losing salvation bit, but that's really not the subject of this post. ;-)

I take no offense at comments. I love discussion! (As long as you don't insult my mother or something...) Thanks for taking the time to comment. Stop by again soon!


My apologies for not having enough time to finish reading it. I see now that we are on the same page (mostly). I agree that it will do no good to talk to the unsaved about the law. I also agree that we are not to ridicule one another, and we are to admonish and lift up one another to run the race as God has laid out. I also agree that too many times people think you can live like the devil and still be a child of God. I think a lot of times people are so scared of talking to, not only the unsaved, but the saved also about the law. Preachers today don't want to make people mad or upset. To me that's not even biblical. Everywhere Paul went he either caused riot or revival. It's not the job of the preacher to tickle the ears of the hearer, but to present the word and let the choice be theirs. So in other words, I said all of that to say I think you're right we agree for the most part. God Bless!

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